Because all monitors and printers are the different, the colors in the e-packet photos may vary. You will get better color with a good quality copy paper that has a high level of brightness, or use photo paper. Also check the level of color in your printer to make sure it is not too low.

  Some patterns will have to be enlarged to fit the surface. You may also enlarge or reduce and adapt any pattern to fit other surfaces.

  Since most of you are printing on standard size paper where the larger patterns will not fit, I have tried to include both a reduced pattern that you can enlarge to fit any size surface and the actual size that you can piece together. 

  I painted with Delta Ceramcoat acrylics for many years and later switched to Americana acrylics, so some of my packets use Delta and some use Americana.  For a color conversion chart with the colors that I use the most and that go well with my pen and ink and acrylic washes go to “Tips and Techniques”.

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Product ID E-80
Little Spring Chicks

Product ID E-79
Village Ornaments

Product ID E-77
Plantsticks in the Garden

Product ID E-76
Apples & Gingerbread

Product ID E-74
St. Patrick's Day

Product ID E-75
Bunnies & Eggs

Product ID E-73
Three Teapots

Product ID E-70
Santa Ornament Plaque

Product ID E-72
A Sunflower

Product ID E-71
Love Birds

Product ID E-30
Girl Hugging Snowman

Product ID E-33
Three Happy Snowmen

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